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About Us

Tipperary War of Independence Tours provides bus tours of historical sites that were host to pivotal events during the Irish war of independence.
Guided by a professional historian, the dramatic events of the war are brought to life in vivid detail.
Our tours are non-political and strive towards complete historical accuracy. Our historian talks through the events of the war and seeks to provide context for the events creating a stimulating and educational experience for all.

We provide tours for:

  • Historical Societies

  • School Tours

  • Active Retirement Groups

  • Individual Bookings

Tours are non-political, giving due recognition to all who fought and died during that turbulent period in Irish History.

Bus Tours

Our luxurious bus can seat a maximum of 35 guests. The bus is fully air-conditioned and is comfortable for people of all ages. We work in partnership with local businesses and restaurants to allow our clients to experience the very best of Tipperary cuisine and hospitality.
A typical tour lasts about 5 hours and is suitable for all ages.

On Our Tours We Visit:

soloheadbeg This site is significant as it is widely regarded as the first engagement in the Irish War for Independence. On 21 January 1919, members of the Irish Volunteers ambushed a Royal Irish Constabulary, killing two officers and seizing their weapons. Our historian speaks about the events surrounding the ambush and its wider implications in regards to Irish history.


knocklong The dramatic rescue of Seán Hogan is recounted here. Members of the Third Tipperary Brigade and East Limerick Brigade boarded a train that was transporting Seán Hogan to prison. Despite casualties on both sides, Hogan was successfully rescued.


ballylanders This site played host to significant events that shaped the conflict. Our professional historian brings guests through this area recounting in vivid detail the events that have made Galbally so important.


glen of aherlow The picturesque Glen of Aherlow is close to where Dinny Lacy was killed during an engagement with free state forces during the Irish Civil War. Our tour discusses the deep divisions caused by the signing of the free state treaty and the significance of Lacy's death.

Glen of Aherlow

st michaels cemetery St. Michael’s Cemetery is one of the last sites we visit on our tour. The cemetery is where the remains of many of the combatants of the Irish Civil War are laid to rest. St. Michael’s Cemetery stands as a solemn reminder of the human cost of both the Irish War for Independence and the Irish Civil war.

St. Michael’s Cemetery

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Great tour yesterday John, thanks for sharing the history of the time with us. You're level of knowledge and story telling in relation to this turbulent time in our nation's history was second to none . A great day was had .

Canice Hickey

tipperary war of indepence tours


The amount of history around Tipperary is fantastic it's great to see that you're tour or is sharing it with people and keeping it alive well done.

Pòl O'Sherin

tipperary war of indepence tours


Fantastic tour visiting the sites of west tipp/east limerick, great guide in John, the facts and some personal stories as well make it more interesting, helps to get idea of the men behind the facts.

Margaret Hayes

tipperary war of indepence tours


It's a great day out for people to learn more about our great history.

Kieran Kelly

tipperary war of indepence tours


Even on a wet day this was an enjoyable day out. The wealth of information that the tour guides had was phenomenal.

Teresa Kiely

tipperary war of indepence tours


Busy day with war of independence tours. It was a great day, so much information by experienced speakers.

James Hayes

tipperary war of indepence tours


saturday last ENNISCORTHY HISTORICAL REENACTMENT SOCIETY went on this tour dressed in period costume. i must congatulate our tour guides, both JOHNS. we spent the whole day with them. they were very informative and gave full details of all the places we visited . giving us an insight into each place before, during and after each event .i would recommend this tour to anyone with an interest in the war of independence in tipperary.

Ray Murphy

tipperary war of indepence tours


A fantastic tour guided by two men who are an absolute mine of information. I doubt if there is anyone out there who has a better knowledge of Tipperary and it's place in the War of Independence. If you take one of their tours you will not be disappointed.

Peter Dowling

tipperary war of indepence tours

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